very little helper

All artwork is produced sparingly & anonymously.

I am a firm believer in ideas through controversial imagery and parodial antics. All artwork produced is intended to inject a certain persona into the piece, sometimes thought provoking and sometimes just humorous.

My works are on always small canvas editions or limited edition screen prints using a stencil style for a quick visual impact. In late 2010 i hijacked a London street art piece and it went viral around the world (pictured above). Other artists then parodied the parody repeatedly... Some good and some awful.

This caused controversy around collectors, who thought it was serious and then was quickly picked up by all the London evening papers. It was the same day that banksy produced the couch gag on 'The Simpsons':

"We had complaints, compliments, old ladies with blue bags were frustrated, the bird on twitter turned it's nose up." explains jboy. " It was only seen by art geeks and people who thought that we had ruined banksy. The timing could not have been better - so we hijacked [banky's keith haring tribute] and made it how banksy should have done it. Props to mr b though, he is a modern art phenomenon. It's just he missed a trick that day." - shortlist

After thousands of requests, i released the screen print version in 2011 and gave all profits to a dogs home. Since then i have been accidentally involved in arty group shows as well as showing at some quite big London galleries and online.

If i am asked for a quote, i always remind people that some of the best ideas and artwork in this world have come to fruition whilst on the toilet. This is highly relevant to my artwork in particular. Finally, my claim to fame is being taught technical drawing by timmy mallet’s uncle at age 9, but i think i have got progressively worse ever since.